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Giving the customer more choice!


The service we offer is designed to give the customer more choice.

Permanent UPVC coatings enable you to have any colour you choose, giving more choice.

Our service provides a hard durable coating which will with stand the test of time and a the same time allowing you to choose any colour you would like.

We apply a solvent based colour coating for hard plastics, quite uniquely if forms a chemical bond with the UPVC profile.

When correctly applied it cannot be removed and it will not crack, peel of flake.

Colour fast and UV resistant.


Upon receipt into our goods inward area all items supplied to us for coating are indivdually checked and any defects or abnormalities found reported to the customer.

All goods to be coated will be pretreated using our chemical cleaning process and following the strict guide lines of the paint suppliers to ensure quality is maintained at every stage

The coating is then applied by our trained operatives in a temparature controlled environment, once the coating process has finished the goods are then transferred to the curing process.

Final inspection of the goods takes place by our quality control department and once passed they are packaged ready for delivery


We are providing a complete service for customers, and this could not be done efficiently if we did not run our own transport.

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